These arthropods are identified by their semicircular shape and numerous legs-they have two legs per body segment (often called ‘thousand leggers’). Their size varies from a half to two inches, and their color varies from brown to brown and yellow. They roll into a ball when disturbed.


(Loxoceles reclusa) Millipedes live in dark, moist habitats and feed primarily on decaying vegetation. They may occur in the thatch in the lawn, in the mulch around the house, and in piles of leaves and grass clippings. When conditions are suitable large populations may develop in one location. Large numbers of millipedes may move from their breeding site to other locations, often to patios and into houses through ground-level doors.


Removing accumulations of decaying vegetation and excess mulch will eliminate potential breeding sites for these arthropods. Chemical control is difficult because they may not be easily killed with insecticides.