Indian Meal Moth


The moth is distinguished by the wings being gray colored at the base and outer portion being reddish brown. The moths fly in the evening and usually take short flights. The caterpillars are about inch long and colored yellow to pale green; they may be found among webs in the infested food, or wandering away from the food.


(Plodia interpunctella) The adult moths usually stay close to the breeding site, which is milled flour or cornmeal but may also include dry pet food, seeds, chocolate and other household foods The caterpillars create silk webs over the surface of the food they are infesting, and there may be several caterpillars feeding at one site They often leave this site and travel some distance to pupate.


Removing and discarding all infested food material is important to eliminating this pest. Vacuuming spilled flour, meal and other food material from sites will be more effective than washing (which make a paste in cracks) and applying insecticides. Keep potentially infested foods in sealed containers