Brown Recluse Spider


This spider is light brown, about inch in length, and has a violin-shaped marking on the thorax. These spiders make an irregular and sticky web. Adults may be found in dark, secluded places indoors; in Virginia they are not commonly found outdoors. They are most commonly found behind baseboards, under tables and chairs form the basement to the attic, and in garages and sheds.


(Loxoceles reclusa) This poisonous spider has been found in numerous locations throughout the state, but only rarely have there been serious infestations. They may be active throughout the year, but often remain unnoticed because of their reclusive habits. They may bite if handled or trapped in shoes or clothing. The venom produces a severe sore that is slow to heal.


Wear gloves when working boxes of old clothing or material that has been undisturbed for a long period. Use sticky traps in areas suspected of having an infestation. Use aerosol insecticides to control spiders in difficult to clean spaces.