Black Widow Spider


A black widow spider has a somewhat round, shiny black abdomen with red markings on the underside Outdoors they live under rocks and down tree limbs, around the house they are often found in firewood piles. Indoors they may be found in basements and crawlspaces, and sometimes in secluded places in garages and sheds.


(Lactrodectus spp.) The black widow spider is found throughout the state. The live in secluded locations and feed on insects and other spiders that are trapped in their web. They are usually not aggressive spiders, but if handled or accidentally touched they may bite. Their venom may cause pain and serious illness; if bitten a person should place ice on the wound and seek medical attention.


Wear gloves when working around wood piles or moving item in sheds and garages. Be cautious of spider webs when working in basements and crawlspaces. Use aerosol insecticides to control spiders in difficult to clean locations.