The Urban Pest Control Research Center is a company dedicated to conducting research, training, and control programs on household and structural pests. The professional entomologists at the UPCRC conduct and supervise field research, provide insect identifications, conduct training courses and seminars, and design integrated pest management programs for commercial, government, and residential sites.

The UPCRC staff have the education and experience necessary to provide technical information and practical control strategies for a variety of pests, including cockroaches, ants, fleas, termites, wood borers, and other common insect and spider pests

Services Available

Research on household and structural insects

Design of pest control program

Training seminars and recertification workshops

Educational manuals and workbooks

Expert testimony and consulting

Technical information


Insect Identification

Structural Wood Infesting Insects

Ants or Termites?

Household Insect Pests

Household Cockroaches

Common Ants

Publication List

Household Insect Pest Control

Insecticide Application Technology

Cockroach Management and Biology

Structural Wood Protection

Perspectives on Urban Entomology

International Programs

Zhejiang Agricultural University

B&G Equipment Co. (Asia-Pacific Region)

Educational Material and Programs

Transferring the results of research projects to others is an important mission of the UPCRC. This is accomplished by publishing research results in scientific journals, industry trade journals, and newsletters. The UPCRC also frequently provides seminars and workshops on topics that are important to the pest control industry.

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